Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY: fringe

I did this DIY awhile ago, so I don't have "before" photos or any photos of the process.  I knew I wanted to add fringe to something.  I found off-white fringe at Hancock's and I found this off-white silk tank top at Saver's.  I eyeballed the width of the fringe, and I pinned it in place on the garment. You could just glue the fringe, but I'm a stickler so I suggest sewing it as well.  I wanted longer fringe, but since I couldn't find any (I'm sure you could find some online), I added two layers of fringe.

And of course the top and the fringe don't have to be monochromatic; different colors would be interesting.  Now I'm starting to wonder if I could dye fringe.  Hmmm.

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